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If you have common children with your spouse and you separate, regardless if you are married or not, child support has to be determined for your children. The amount of the child support depends of several factors, namely the revenues of the parents, the number of children, the type of custody (the percentage of time that the children spend with each parent), the net child care expenses, the special expenses, the revenues of the children if they work but are not financially autonomous.

The ideal scenario is when both parents agree on the issues of custody and child support, but often the parents do not agree and the Court determines the kind of custody and the amount of the child support.

The determination of the child support is complex. For more information, please click on the subjects here after in order to access the next page:

The Quebec guidelines for determination of child support;

The federal guidelines for determination of child support;

The modification of the child support;

The cancellation of child support;

Me Brankin can assist you in regards to any issue about child support, as your counselor, as your legal representative at Court or as a family mediator if both parents agree to participate in family mediation.

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